Water damage restoration is a term that the industry uses to describe the process of cleaning up water damage. Water damage restoration includes every step in the process, from the first to the last. These steps include removing the water, drying the structure and other items, and moving items back in place once they are restored. Water damage restoration may also be called water remediation, water removal, water extraction, water mitigation, or flood cleanup. Often, these terms are interchangeable with each other, but they do have some slight differences. It is helpful to understand the differences between the terminology.

Water remediation is the exact same process as water damage restoration. Water remediation encompasses the entire process of water cleanup. Water removal is when water is removed from an area that has been damaged by water. Water removal is when a professional company like us will use special equipment to remove large amounts of water from an area. We also bring in commercial dehumidifiers and high-velocity air movers to dry the area. Water extraction is essentially the same process as water removal. We use equipment specialized for the task of removing large amounts of water. Water mitigation is the process that prevents water damage or reverses the damage that was caused by having water in the building. Flood cleanup is when the water has come inside from the outside. This water is contaminated and requires a professional to remove it. After the water is removed, the area needs to be dried and sanitized.

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